Marie-Christine Steens

Age: 20 years


Nationality: Belgian and Hungarian, born in Budapest and nowadays living in Paris 


Education: 2003-2015 Lycée Gustav Eiffel (Francais) de Budapest (Hungary)


Qualification: Terminales S


I had the privilege to be educated in a bilingual system (Hungarian and French) and due to my international experience I am fluent in English and I have knowledges of Spanish and Italian 


Current education

In October 2015 I started Mod'Art International Fashion and Luxury management in Paris

Practice :

Jan 2016 : Giorgio Armani - Galeries Lafayette - Paris - Sales Assistant

Jan - Feb 2017 : Kata Szeged - Budapest - Head of Sales Assistant

March 2017 - present : Màrta Nàfràdi - Remote work - Internetinal Brand development advisory 

June - September 2017 : Helbers - Paris - Commercial Assistant

October 2017 - present : Paul Smith - Paris - Commercial Assistant

Why Mod'Art:

The philosophy of the Mod’Art courses is to offer creative and managerial development and know how alongside a strong vocational approach. The expertise of the highly experienced industry professionals in the heart of the Parisian capital of Fashion ensures that students are kept aware of changing demands and opportunities within the Fashion Industry.

Many of the Mod'Art staff combine teaching with careers within the industry. This allows them to pass on invaluable ‘insider’ knowledge to students, on the latest technologies, techniques and trends.


I am available for all kind of fashion management related issues.

How to contact me:


Address :        rue de Picpus 24 Bis 

                      FR 75012  Paris 



Mobile phones :          + 36 70 637 24 00 (HU)

                                  + 33 7 71 65 22 46 (FR)

Landline :                    + 33 1 44 74 72 23 (FR) 

E mail :