Pascal Steens

Age: 54 years


Nationality: Belgian, born in Bruges and nowadays living in Hungary 


Education: 1981-1986 Catholic University of Leuven


Qualification: Civil Engineer, Construction




I had the privilege to be educated in a bilingual system (Dutch and French) and due to my international experience I am fluent in English, German. I have good knowledge of Hungarian due to my presence in Hungary since 20 years.

Multicase Advisory and Consultancy Ltd.


Multicase Ltd was established in 1997, by my wife, Antal Éva.


The Company was successful in providing construction related services in the supply and administrative management of construction goods, especially in custom clearance, prior to Hungary joining the EU.

I joined the Company, as CEO, in mid 2015 to transform it into a Consultancy and Advisory Company:


Multicase Advisory and Consulting Ltd is specialised in Project Management and providing all kind of Construction and Real Estates related services.

Its Management possesses an impressive experience in Building Construction of High demanding Projects.

Gresham Palace Refurbishment and the extension of the US Embassy in Budapest are amongst the most exclusive and difficult reconstruction projects.

Arena Plaza and Campona shopping centers counts amongst the largest projects realised

ING Bank, BNP Paribas, Erste, Raiffeisen Projects, as well as other office developments (GTC, Plaza Centers, Codic, Atenor) were realised by myself in Central Europe in close co-operation with worldwide recognised Clients and high recognised Architect Offices


Multicase is nowadays advising:

  • Rizzani de Eccher (IT), General Contractor, Hotusa Hotel Budapest
  • Versele-Laga (BE), Production of Pet food, Production facility extensions
  • FerroÉp (HU), General Contractor, Warehouse construction
  • Mono Group (BE), Automotive Industry, Production facility extension
  • Manghi Group (IT), General Contractor, Hotusa Hotel Budapest
  • Cimolai (IT), Bridge Contractor, Tender support
  • T-Trans (HU), General Contractor, Hilton Garden Inn Budapest
  • Valeo (FR), Automotive Industry, eAutomotive
  • Siemens (DE), Automotive Industry, eAutomotive


In the following domains:

Project Management – Client representation

Business Development

Exclusive Private Real Estate Advice

Real Estate Transaction Support

Public and Corporate Tender Support




Employment at CFE: (1986 to 2015)

Until mid 2015 I was managing director of the construction companies of CFE Group (major Belgian construction group) present in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. CFE was largely owned by the French Vinci, until they decided to sell their shares in November 2014.

As the recent evolutions within the group were no longer matching my ambitions since the activities got rather focusing on national rather than worldwide international activities. This is a result of the recent change in ownership, that obviously decided to rethink the strategy on its central European and the International activities of the construction division of the Group, which I respected.

Professional experience at CFE since 2002:


Since 2007: Managing Director of CFE Romania Ltd. 


Since 2005: Managing Director of CFE Slovakia Ltd. 


Since 2002: Managing Director of CFE Hungary Ltd.


Dealing with all general management matters of the Companies, managing and control sites, tender and sales activity.


Reporting directly to the CEO and CFO of the Group, from time to time assisted by Director of CFE International, due to the ever-changing structure at the CFE International organization.


Major Projects obtained and managed during those 12 years, generating a sales volume of average 50 Mio € yearly (more than 100 Mio € in 2007 and 2008) 


  • Finalise the Gresham Palace Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest
  • US Embassy extension in Budapest (15 Mio €) followed by new works in existing Embassy
  • Victor Gomoiu Children Hospital in Bucharest (Design and Build) (40 Mio €)
  • KBC Data Centers in Torokbalint and Baracska (40 Mio €)
  • Arena Plaza Shopping and entertainment Center in Budapest for Plaza Centers (Elbit Group) (100 Mio € in 14 months, one of the largest projects build in Central Europe.
  • Greenpark residential project in Bratislava for GTC (22 Mio €)
  • Arena Corner offices in Budapest for Raifeissen in Budapest
  • Asiafood in Verpelet  
  • Krisztina Palace office building for Codic (18 Mio €)
  • Park One Offices in Bratislava for Convergence (16 Mio €)
  • Vaci Greens office building for Atenor (18 Mio €)
  • Kindergarten and Sportcomplex in Szigetszentmiklos for local municipality (6 Mio €)
  • Canadian Embassy in Budapest
  • Saudi Residence in Budapest
  • Embassy and residence of Algeria in Budapest 
  • Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, near to Bratislava
  • Graphisoft Park in Budapest for Archicad owner

Professional experience at CFE before 2002:

From 1997 to 2002

Construction Manager – CFE Hungary

Obtained and executed several major sites under direct negotiation as:


  • Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace refurbishment (33 Mio €)
  • Intercontinental Hotel Refurbishment 3 Phases (40 Mio DM)
  • Refurbishment of ING Bank Headquarters at Dózsa György Ut (30 Mio DM)
  • Construction (extension) of ING Bank Headquarters at Paulay Ede utca (18 Mio DM)

Obtained and executed several major sites under competition:


  • Construction of BNP Dresdner Bank Headquarters (8 MioDM)
  • Kozma Office Center for Bernheim Comofi (AG) (8 Mio DM)
  • GEC Alsthom Power Plant, Gas Turbines, civil works at Litér 
  • GEC Alsthom Power Plant, Gas Turbines, civil works at Sajószöged


From 1994 to 1997

Project Manager – CFE Hungary


ü  CIB Hungária Bank Headquarters (28 Mio DM)

ü  Van de Velde Factory in Szekszárd 


From 1992 to 1993


Project Manager – CFE Belgium


Extensions of the Headquarters of National Bank in Belgium (value 250 m BEF)


Deputy Project Manager – CFE Belgium


KAA Gent Football stadium with business center (200 Mio BEF)


From 1991 to 1992


Assistant Area Manager – CFE Zaire


From 1989 to 1991


Project Manager – CFE Zaire


ü  Water supply projects (6) financed by World Bank

ü  Water supply projects (3) financed by German funds

ü  Presidential projects in Zaire


Project Coordinator – CFE Zaire


ü  Presidential Palaces in Gbadolite – Lisala   

ü  Office buildings in Gbadolite 

ü  Road works

ü  Airport infrastructure


From 1987 to 1989


Project Manager – CFE Belgium


ü  Finaneste Antwerp: preparation works for cracker equipment

ü  Bayer Antwerp: industrial construction for Makrolon Project

ü  General Motors: Plant 2 Industrial buildings


From 1986 to 1987 – Belgian Army

Platoon Commander 

ü  Officers School of the Genie in Namur

ü  Platoon Commander at the 68th Company Battle Genie in Köln 

From 1986 to 1986 – KULeuven


ü  Continuation of research on the thesis on “Definition and optimalisation of the execution criteria of Very High Pressure Injections in Deep Foundations” for Smet Boring.


Done in Budapest, 25th of September 2017